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4 Ways to Maximize Your Dental Benefits Before They Expire!

November 22, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — drbarry @ 10:24 pm
Woman smiling after maximizing her dental insurance

Dental insurance can be confusing, but not if you know how it works! In fact, there are ways to maximize your dental insurance benefits to avoid unnecessary out of pocket costs. Thankfully, your dentist has put together 4 of the most important factors to keep in mind when it comes to your dental insurance. Read on to learn how you can achieve a healthy smile while saving on dentistry.  

#1. Your Plan Restarts on January 1st

You can’t start maximizing your benefits without understanding one important rule about dental insurance: most plans reset at the end of the year. This means that any unused benefits are gone forever once the clock strikes midnight on January 1st. You’re given an annual maximum, which is the most your insurance provider is willing to pay for your dentistry in one year. It’s your job to reach this maximum by December 31st so you don’t leave any of your hard-earned dental dollars on the table.

#2. Prevention is Key

So how do you utilize your benefits? The easiest way is to attend preventive checkups and cleanings. These routine appointments are usually covered by dental insurance 100%, making them an easy way to cash in before the end of the year. Plus, these visits catch dental issues early on, protecting you from spending more time and money on dentistry. Your dentist also checks for oral cancer with a quick screening during your checkup, which is why preventive visits can be potentially lifesaving.

#3. Your Oral & Overall Health are Linked

It has been said that the mouth is a gateway to the rest of the body, and now there is significant evidence to back it up. Studies show a direct relationship between your oral and overall health. Gum disease can cause an increased risk of issues like heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, certain cancers, and even Alzheimer’s disease. However, good dental hygiene at home combined with regular visits to your dentist’s office will prevent these issues (and save you money in the process).

#4. In-Network Dentistry

Remember, choosing the right dentist matters, not only for your peace of mind but also for your pocketbook. An in-network dentist will maximize your benefits, fully covering your checkups and cleanings while partially covering other treatments. If you choose an out-of-network dentist, there are no set fees that they agreed on with your insurance provider, meaning they can essentially name their price. Of course, this will typically lead to more spending on your own dime.

Ready to take advantage of your insurance benefits while you still can? Remember this information to save money and stay healthy during 2020 and beyond!

Meet the Dentist

Dr. Barry Bartusiak is a highly trained dentist who has taken over 2,500 hours of continuing education courses to ensure his patients have access to the best treatments available. He is proudly in-network with most major PPO dental insurance providers to make quality dentistry affordable for all budgets. TO schedule an appointment before the end of the year, he can be reached through his website or by phone at (724) 225-3680.

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