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Porcelain Dental Bridges – Washington, PA

“Bridge” the Gap Left by Missing Teeth

Woman with beautiful smile

When one or more natural teeth in a row have been lost, it can make everyday life a little more difficult for patients. Dr. Bartusiak would like to work with you and help you explore your available reconstructive options, including fixed porcelain bridges. This type of prosthetic is named as such because it actually “bridges” the gap in your mouth securely and functionally with brand-new teeth that will function just as well as the genuine article. Better yet, we use the highest quality porcelain materials available today for a superior aesthetic result. If you’d like to learn more or schedule a first appointment here in Washington, PA, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Why Choose Bartusiak Dental Care for Porcelain Bridges?

  • Traditional Bridges & Implant-Retained Bridges Available
  • Emax Ceramics and BruxZir® Zirconia for Outstanding Cosmetic Improvement
  • A Dental Bridge is Just Like a Bridge Over a River, Connecting Land or Teeth.

Traditional Porcelain Dental Bridges VS Implant-Retained Porcelain Bridges

Animation of implant retained bridge

Traditionally, dental bridges have been anchored in place by attaching two dental crowns over healthy teeth that are adjacent to the gap in question. These crowns serve as “anchors,” holding the new prosthetic securely in place. While this technique is effective enough in replenishing much-needed dental structure, it does require a fair amount of alteration to natural teeth. Today, Dr. Bartusiak highly recommends implant-retained porcelain bridges as an excellent alternative. Instead of relying on dental crowns, two implants are inserted directly into the jawbone on either side of the gap. This promotes better oral health, a more functional fit, and a longer-lasting smile!

What are the Benefits of Dental Bridges?

Smiling man in dental chair
  • They help patients maintain their facial shape over time
  • Remaining natural teeth are prevented from gradually shifting out of position into the empty gap.
  • Chewing and speaking abilities are fully restored – your sense of self-confidence, too!
  • If you’ve been wearing a removable partial denture, bridges are a much more permanent and stable upgrade.