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Teeth Whitening – Washington, PA

Get Rid of Dark Tooth Stains for Good

Man with bright smile after teeth whitening

Over time, many patients will discover that their smiles start to lose some of their shine, whether because of simple old age or a passionate love of coffee and wine. If you’re feeling unhappy with the color of your teeth, rest assured that it doesn’t have to be permanent with help from Bartusiak Dental Care of Washington. Our dental office offers multiple options for teeth whitening teeth in our Washington, PA dental office that offer dramatic, efficitn and safe results. Contact us today to get started with a cosmetic consultation!

Why Choose Bartusiak Dental Care of Washington for Teeth Whitening?

  • We Only Charge “At Cost” For Whitening Treatments. We Want Our Patients to Look Like Stars!
  • Same At-Home and In-Office Treatments That Dr. Bartusiak Uses for His Teeth!
  • Modern, Charcoal-Activated Oral Hygiene Products

ZOOM! In-Office Teeth Whitening

Woman receiving Zoom teeth whitening treatment

ZOOM! is a state-of-the-art bleaching process that’s designed to lighten a patient’s natural tooth enamel and dentin (the layer underneath the enamel). It contains hydrogen peroxide, which serves as an active ingredient. When directly applied to the teeth here at our dental office, it will break down into small bubbles of oxygen that gradually chip away at the noticeable staining and yellow color that you want to get rid of it.

In addition to the hydrogen peroxide, our team will use a state-of-the-art light that helps activate the whitening gel’s full potential and expedites your beautiful results. This light contains a special filter that reduces the amount of heat the patient experiences, cutting down on sensitivity and helping the internal structure of your teeth stay safe, healthy, and intact at all times.

Before ZOOM! treatment begins, Dr. Bartusiak will want to sit down with patients for an initial consultation so that he can determine whether or not this whitening procedure is the right fit. Post-treatment results will depend on the severity of the staining and the types of staining your smile is experiencing. Please keep in mind that if any tooth decay and/or gum disease is present, these issues will need to be under control before professional whitening can be successfully performed.

What are the Benefits of ZOOM! Teeth Whitening?

Closeup of smile before and after teeth whitening
  • Treatment time is fast – whitening is completed in just one appointment here in Washington, PA!
  • All teeth are treated at the same time for maximum convenience.
  • The results last longer than what a patient could hope to achieve with over-the-counter solutions.
  • Post-treatment oral sensitivity is greatly reduced overall.
  • Stains can even be removed from dental crowns, veneers, and other all-ceramic restorations.

How Does the ZOOM! In-Office Teeth Whitening Process Work?

Man receiving Zoom teeth whitening

Here’s a brief overview of what patients can expect at their visit:

  • Our team will start by comfortably positioning cheek retractors within the mouth to expose all of the tooth surfaces.
  • The gums will be covered to protect them from the whitening gel and reduce sensitivity.
  • One of our dentists will apply the ZOOM! Whitening gel to the teeth and then the light to activate it.
  • After 15 minutes of exposure, we will thoroughly remove the gel from the teeth and rinse your mouth as well.
  • Then, these steps are repeated two more times in a row – the whitening gel is applied for another 15 minutes, followed a thorough cleansing.

Once whitening is complete, it’s important to remember that discoloring agents can still worm their way back into your smile over time. That’s why practicing oral hygiene at home (including brushing twice-daily and flossing once) is so important. We can also provide take-home whitening for occasional touch-ups when you need them!

Curaprox Black is White Toothpaste

Curaprox toothpaste

Of course, some patients would prefer to whiten their smile at a more gradual pace or in the comfort of their own home. Dr. Bartusiak has the ideal recommendation – Curaprox Black is White Toothpaste. While it may seem counterintuitive to put something black in color like charcoal directly on the teeth, this hygiene product works wonders when it comes to removing discoloration. Better yet, it also prioritizes stronger oral health by protecting the tooth and gum tissue with natural minerals that build up along the enamel surfaces.